Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kinda' Funny?

Comey is out.

He was fired by a guy whose team was being investigated by Comey.

Where else could you fire the guy who was looking into whether or not you should be fired?

But it gets better.

The recommendation to fire Comey was made by a man who had to recuse himself because he forgot to tell the truth about the thing that Comey was investigating.

And you know what really makes it hysterical?

The reason why Comey was fired!

It was because the guy being investigated now didn't like the way that Comey investigated his political opponent!

Trump said that he needs more 'fair and balanced' when it comes to accusations of misconduct.

That's coming from the guy who led the 'Lock her up chants!' Because of using unsecured email sources.

I can't stop laughing.

The entire thing is now playing out on droids and laptops that have zero security on them at every golf clubhouse along the East Coast.

Speaking of which, Trumper Woods has now played 23 rounds of golf since taking the job.

I've yet to play!

Haven't even hit the range!!

I had to laugh though, as this past weekend, the tweet arrived early. He said that he was staying at his New Jersey resort because he had a lot of big meetings, and it was less expensive for him to head there instead of New York (where his wife is hiding).

Two hours later he was in a sand trap.

Ever notice that he's always swinging out of the rough or from a trap?

"Is he a good golfer?" One celebrity who played with him was asked.

"He writes down a good score," the guy said.

That's funny.

He would never lie...


I remember my parents talking about watergate.

Something tells me that my kids are going to remember us talking about this.

It needs a catchy name though.

How about Pee-Pee Gate?

(There's smoke about it all being a coverup to hide a tape of golden showers).

Not kidding.

Told you that it's 😂

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