Friday, May 5, 2017

Obie Dziedzic - #1 Fan

At every single Bruce Springsteen concert since the early 1970's two tickets, front row center have been set aside for Bruce's number one fan, Obie Dziedzic.

She passed away early this week.

Yet, the story is incredibly touching.

Bruce wasn't a star when he met Obie. He was a struggling musician. Just 18 years old, living here and there, playing anywhere...

...for enough money to eat, sleep and find the next gig.

It was love at first sight for Obie. She knew that he'd be a star.

So she became his friend.

Fed him, sewed his clothes, went to the drive-in movies with him.

And Bruce never forgot it.

Not when he hit it rich and made the big time.

He always left those tickets.

She wasn't always there, obviously, but when she did attend she would play a little game, wondering when Bruce would notice that she was in the crowd.

He would glance to those seats before playing the first note, smile and point if she was there.

If Obie couldn't make it, those two seats would be taken to the street and handed to fans who couldn't get in that night.

Obie was happy about that...

...she was thrilled for those who got to see Bruce from her seats.

She attended her last concert in September of 2016 in Boston.

After the show she said the same thing that all the Bruce fans always say immediately following one of his shows:

"That was his best one yet."

RIP to Obie.

The number one fan....

...I've seen Bruce 32 times.

She attended hundreds and hundreds of shows.

During Devils & Dust, from the stage, Bruce saw that Obie was there. He told the story about how she helped him pick the ending for 'Racing in the Street'.

He thanked her and said "I love you, Obie, very much."

Obie didn't do interviews because she said she never wanted to say something that might hurt Bruce.

What a great story.

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