Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

My very first memory was of standing in the kitchen of my parents home, watching my mother work.

I was about four years old.

"What're you doing?" Mom asked.

"Just watching you work," I said.

"Did you know you're my buddy?" Mom asked.

I see that little, nothing, conversation play out. I see it so clearly. As a kid, surrounded by the craziness of hanging with the rest of the Fuzzy clan... just stands out in my memory bank.

It's come to mean a lot to me.

Just seeing Mom bust her ass. She did that every day! Even now I'll call her and she'll say, "I'm cleaning the house."

Thankfully, my beautiful wife and my wonderful mother are now good buddies. They hit the Bingo Hall on Sunday, nearly every week, and then I put a big dish of pasta in front of her.

"It's way too much," she says, every week.

"Eat what you can and I'll make you a to-go dish."

We eat, talk, laugh a little and think about those beautiful memories.

This week, I also had the chance to see my wife as a sentimental Mom.

Sam actually put on pants and dressed up real nice for his Junior Prom. I just arrived at home as he was hustling out of the house. I mentioned a few things to him about my prom memories, but it was most certainly a Mom moment.

A half hour later Kathy sent me a few photos.

Sam wasn't smiling. He looked highly uncomfortable!

"He's adorable," Kathy noted.

I knew what she was thinking before she even said a word.

She was happy, but also a little upset.

Her baby was dressed up for the prom.

"Time went so fast," She said, a little later in the evening.

It certainly did.

Yet I know the impact of having little moments with a great Mom.

Some day, a long time away, Sam will recall some such moment, and he will realize just how fortunate he was.

Just to be around his Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

To Mom.

To Kathy.

To all you Mothers!

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