Friday, May 12, 2017

To Do Lists

My life has always been about writing things down, organizing my thoughts, and working efficiently, juggling a whole lot of things effectively.

I usually have the week planned out, in my mind by Sunday night, and I'm a little surprised when it doesn't go down as I think it might.

I actually keep a list in my car, write down one word for each report that needs to be writtten when I get home, and then cut the paper into notes after each report is written.

This week has been hell.

Our mower broke down and so did our dryer.

And with each passing day, with tasks still on my daily to-do list...

...I was completely off my game.

Then my mother-in-law came down under the weather for a few days, and the whole routine went straight out the window.

"The chaos is killing me!" I said at one point early in the week.

My beautiful wife, on the other hand, lives with the motto:

"Why do it today if you can put it off until tomorrow."

Some clashing.

But there was a moment when we decided to try and get a couple of loads of wash done before we ordered a new machine.

We were seated on the floor at the basement duct taping...


...duct taping...

The bottom of the washer together.

All the lists, the routines and the feeling of fighting chaos went out the window.

I started laughing.

"This is ridiculous!"

Kathy was laughing too.

The machine was up and running.

"Tomorrow we get a mower!" She said.

I'm gonna' put 'Get Sam to mow the lawn' back on the to-do list.

I hope!

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