Monday, May 15, 2017

Number 2

Joe Torre said it best.

"Derek wasn't the most talented player all the time, but he showed up every day, and he worked hard."

Sunday was a fun day.

I watched the Jeter Budweiser commercial a couple of times, showing it to my Mom (who cried) and my Mother-In-Law (who also cried).

Jeter's career spanned a lot of the happy times in our lives.

I got married months after the first of the five titles.

We watched every inning of every game during those years. The boys would have the game on their television. I'd have it on and Kathy would be watching it in her room.

They beat the Mets the year Sam was born. Sam counts it as a title won by his favorite teams.

The Flip (which I think is the greatest baseball play ever) happened days before Jake was operated on.

The dive into the stands happened as A-Rod, the guy getting paid a lot more and was closer to the ball, raised his hands as Jeter sped by him and smashed his face into the seats.

In 2009 I really needed a championship.

If it's the last one I ever see them win...

...I'm good.

And they did.

I put a note on Facebook on Sunday morning.

"I watched about two thousand of his games, caught at least eight thousand at-bats, and I was never mad at him."

Jeter started one season at about 2 for 30.

This was after four of the titles and we were at a game against Boston. We were seated in the 4th row right by first base.

Jeter grounded out.

There was a spattering of boos!

(Not from me).

An obviously native New Yorker turned around.

"Who the f&$@ is booing him????" The guy screamed.

"You don't boo the Captain!"

"Are you fu$&@ng kidding me?"

"It's Derek F$&@ng Jeter!!"


So, I settled in to watch the first game of the doubleheader. My father-in-law joined me.

"It's gonna' rain out," he said.

"It's not gonna' rain," I said. "It's Jeter Day."

It stopped raining, but the Astros took a 6-4 lead.

"They lose this it'll be 4 straight," my father-in-law said.

"They aren't going to lose. It's Jeter day."

The Yankees won 11-6.

I always felt honored to watch the Yankees when Jeter was there.

It was an honor to watch him honored too.

He showed up.


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