Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beer In the Rose Garden

So, much to the dismay of about 24 million Americans the healthcare debate has raged on...

...and actually resulted in a bill getting through the house.

"I'll be honest, Wolf, I didn't read it," said a rep from New York.

Yeah, that damn reading is hard!

Why would you read it if you're on that side of the aisle?

It gets rid of Obama's name...

...all they need to know!

And the reporting states that it's just a huge tax cut for the rich, at the expense of the poor.

Which is good too...

...for some, I suppose.

Those who are for the bill say that the "fake news" is spreading rumors and that the bill might be good for all.

Guess we'll know for sure if they read it.

Yet the most tone-deaf of all things that transpired was the beer party in the rose garden to celebrate the passage of a bill that they didn't read that might actually result in the deaths of people who won't be able to participate in trying to save their own lives.

"Paul Ryan is giddy," one report read.

So, they gathered to toast their accomplishment as doctors, hospitals and insurers started to pass judgement on all of it.


I can imagine the giddy lawmakers chugging the beer and clanking their bottles.

"Can't afford healthcare.. deserve what you get!"

What's the opposite of giddy?


Cause that's where I'm at...

...even admitting that I haven't read it yet.

Millions of people are scared and threatened?


No beer for me.

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