Saturday, May 27, 2017

Beat the Press

I imagine that if you had asked my ten-year-old self what I wanted to be when I grew up I might have said:

Newspaper Columnist.

Perhaps that is why I write this blog every day.

As a kid I read the daily paper from cover to cover, and my favorite parts were the columns. Thankfully, we had good columnists in the Courier-Express and the Buffalo News.

10-year old Clifford would've mentioned that news reporters were cool.

Clark Kent was a reporter...

...what more proof do you need???

So, you might guess that I'm not enamored with the all-out attack on the crooked media, or lying media, or fake media, or stupid media, or liberal media...

...or whatever else you want to call it.

The name-calling crap seems awfully juvenile to me anyway, and I know that it seems horribly slanted when the news about you isn't good.

Yet, the press or media or news people are extremely important to the fabric of our nation.

That's why we can't have politicians trashing them, constantly, mentally or physically.

A Montana politician body-slammed a reporter the other day for asking a question about healthcare. The politician hated the question, so he physically man-handled the reporter.

It's too bad it wasn't Clark Kent.

I've been on both sides of the media game. I've read, watched and took in every possible medium, and I've also been on television (the camera adds ten pounds) and in the newspaper.

It is a lot weirder than people think, and the talent is odd. They certainly enjoy the attention they get.

But all in all, the experiences were great.

That's the thing.

The same people attacking the media are also people who use them.

Trump used to use a fake name as his own publicist. He knows the game. He also understands that if the story is bad...

...he best get out in front of it and destroy the person telling it.

Which is horrible.

Lois Lane would be pissed!

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