Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Jury Is Still Out

We're out of the Paris Accord on Climate Control.

"Bad Deal!"

Which is odd, because we set the parameters of the deal and can change it.

It's like signing up for your 401K and saying you're going to put 10% in...

...then you decide you'd only like to put 5% in and instead of doing that you blow up the office of the payroll dude.

So, that's the first thing I don't quite understand.

Secondly, to call it a "hoax" appears misguided to me.

I have often told the kids that even though math wasn't my favorite, that a lot of what makes sense comes down to a mathematical solution.

"Do the Math."

We have a ton of information available. A sound argument can be made, either way, actually.

"This blows," isn't actually an argument that can be soundly defeated, or solved through math.

I have heard the argument that the universe can take care of itself, and I find some validity in that.

Adjustments may be made, by the universe to solve the problem.

Perhaps there will be another glacier to cool things off, or maybe everything will simply burst into flames, incinerating all of life.

Then the universe will recover.

And all those who argued that way will be absolutely correct...

...only problem with that is that no one will survive to brag about it.

But what the hell can any of us do but argue back and forth on social media calling one another libtards or rednecks.

The decision was one of defiance to the world.

A real "I'm taking my ball and going home" type of moment.

And that may actually be where most of the damage lies.


That single word, as a destination, was awe-inspiring to those who are here and those who long to be here.

If that's lost...


That blows.

And who can argue with that math?

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