Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sixty Years & Sam At 17

Today is Sam's 17th 🎉 Birthday.

Which is crazy.

I keep thinking about ten years down the road.

Hoping I can limp through the next thirty-six hundred days and see them settled in their lives.

We went to a party for my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary and Sam and Jake were getting a lot of questions about what they want to do.

"We're enjoying our childhood," was their pat answer.

But the gatherings are amazing to me now. I see nieces and nephews who are in their 30's...

...already settled into their jobs and marriages...

...and I think back to when they were 10!

Goes fast!

My in-laws were fun to watch at such a party.

Sixty-freaking years!!

"What time are you renewing your vows?" I asked my father-in-law as soon as I arrived.

"Get the hell away from me," he said.

So, I asked the same question to my mother-in-law.

"I'd rather shoot him," she said, with a laugh.

That's how it goes, but they aren't fooling anyone.

You don't get to 60 years without a few battles and a lot of love.

I watched Sam play with his brothers at the party. They were making fun of each other, and laughing.


Happy Anniversary to my in-laws!

Happy Birthday to Sam!




Wild 😜

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