Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Responding to Tragedy

We're watching the Net Flix show, Bloodlines, season three, and there's so much tragedy throughout that it's devolved into a show where I kind of hate everyone.

They all act like idiots because of the battles that they've lost.

And I was reading about the tweet battle between the president of our country and a mayor in London who is dealing with an unspeakable tragedy.

After sending a tweet of solidarity to the people of the U.K., Donald decided to go on the offensive. He attacked the words of the mayor who asked his citizens to not be alarmed about the added police presence.

Then he doubled down and called the guy pathetic.

Which was pathetic.

And then I read about Ariana Grande, a pop singer, who could sing her greatest hit on my front porch and I wouldn't recognize it.

She had just left the stage as the bombs killed people in Manchester.

She canceled her tour and went home, and at home, she decided to actually respond to tragedy in an ambitious way.

She put together a benefit concert.

Raised $12 million for those poor suffering people.

There are lessons to learn here.

How do you respond when tragedy hits?

Every character in Bloodlines has gone off on a bender.

They're all angry.

"I'm hoping for a hurricane," I said. "So the entire town gets torn asunder."

I can't imagine what any of those families are going through. On the news we only see the number.

7 dead in London.

5 murdered in Orlando.

Countless more in Manchester.

No one counts the other people who partially die.

The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends.

All suffering.

And that's why more people need to think before they tweet, or disparage, or shout from the shadows about their own selfish interests.

I don't know Ariana Grande from a bag of oranges, but I have respect for the way that she responded.

A 23-year old kid who is a lot wiser than a whole bunch of others.

Particularly the Rayburns from Bloodlines.

And all the other idiots.

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