Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Et Tu Brute?

We read a lot of Shakespeare in 9th grade English. Miss Sepielski (RIP) used to let me be the lead character in the readings of all the plays.

I was Romeo and Caesar.

My classmates were eternally grateful that I loved doing the reading because they didn't have to.

They also knew which way to turn their head when the book reports assignments were announced. I must've done ten book reports a quarter, trying to dumb down the writing to fit the guy!

It was like a part-time job!

So, I was the geek who enjoyed the plays, plus I can still remember the pretty girl who was Juliet that year...

...was my only little connection with her.

(When the play-acting was over she ran down the hall).


Old William is in the news because they're putting on the play in Central Park with a lead who supposedly looks like Trump.

I guess that the inference is that since Julius died in the end that those involved with running the play are hoping that history somehow repeats itself.


And this isn't just an isolated incident.

Big, beard-covered dudes have been bum-rushing the stage, yelling:

"I'm sick of this shit!"

They aren't changing the words long-written by Shakespeare!

They're objecting to the guy in the role!!

That would've been like Juliet turning to our teacher and saying,

"We're supposed to believe that dweeb is Romeo????"

Thank God that didn't happen!

It's called suspending belief.

I'm not sure that the actor was chosen because he is supposed to be Donald.


And that's goofy too.

Give respect to the work.

Do the plays as Billy wrote them down.

They're good enough as they were written.

I long for the days when I was the star of the play.

"Oh Romeo, where for art thou?"

Poor girl cried when she read that line...

...and I answered her.

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