Friday, June 23, 2017

Breaking News

O.J. Simpson is the guy who turned the news into entertainment when he butchered two people.

Then everyone was in a battle to beat the other guy. Led to all kinds of crap.

Now everything is BREAKING NEWS including the fact that O.J. Is up for parole come July...

...and I've seen more than one person root for his release:

"Let the Juice Loose!!!"


So he can possibly kill again.

You know who he even more nerve than O.J.?

Bill Cosby!

He's going to do town halls on how to avoid sexual assault situations.

How arrogant can you be??

Will he interview any of his sixty or so victims?

I don't understand how people get so tone deaf on a situation.

You know who's unbelievable about deception, arrogance and then just forgetting everything about something awful that he did?

I'll give you a hint:

He's Orange.

He tweeted, more than a month ago, that Comey better hope that there aren't tapes of their conversations.

Then he waited and ducked all questions about whether or not he had taped the conversations.

Then he announced that he had no idea if there are tapes.


"There aren't any tapes."

How's that for making news and turning it into something.

He lied.

30 days later he copped to it.



And it didn't mean a damn thing.

O.J. out of jail.

Cosby avoided jail.

Orange wants to stay out of jail.

Stay tuned.

It's all news all the time these days.

Damn O.J.!

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