Friday, June 2, 2017

June The 2

It's celebrate Uncle Jim Day!

Damn, I miss him.

What's amazing about June the 2 is that I think of it a whole bunch through the year now, and that's because Uncle Jim and Dad are no longer physically here to call and say:

"Happy June the 2!"

But man, we talked a lot about it when they were here.

And Uncle Jim was the guy who made it go every year, from his early morning call through a couple of more reminders throughout the year.

The amusing thing about Uncle Jim was that he was the nicest guy in the world, and he, very often, was shocked by the craziness of some of his siblings.

Saying that there is or ever was a "quiet" Fuzzy is a little hard to believe, but Uncle Jim was one.

He would get embarrassed from time to time!

He was never the guy who started the fight.

He'd often sit and listen, and laugh.

Except on June the 2...

...that was his day to get all the conversations started.

And I don't know about my cousins or my siblings, but I'm eating breaded pork chops here tonight.

This is Uncle Jim's day.

Pork Chops all around!

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