Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Brother

It's my brother Jeff's birthday today.

He's not here to celebrate 🎉 it with us, but make no mistake, he's with me.

Every single day.

Yesterday I was listening to my I-pod on the airplane.

The Stones hit my ear - Sway - from Sticky Fingers - and I recalled a phone call.

"That songs amazing."

We talked about the cover of the album and how Mick and Keith were unreal when it came to writing songs together.

Jeff didn't care about the songwriting as much when it came to the Stones. He just cared that it rocked.

It gave way to Stolen Car by Bruce...the version that was released on Tracks rather than on The River. I thought about the fact that Jeff was partial to the Tracks version.

And that's how it goes.

Every day.

Things to remind me...

...whether it's music, baseball or just every day life.

He's whispering in my ear.

And in the ears of my siblings and friends and Mom.

That's a morsel of comfort.

Not quite enough...

...that's for sure.

And all this time later...

...8 years.

And it's still indescribable.

Life changed, for sure, and I'm reminded daily that it's not for the better.

It still really sucks...

...but Jeff deserves a celebration 🎉 on his birthday!

So I will push that grief away.

Get into the Sway a little bit.

And celebrate the day...

...instead of trying to understand it.

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