Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ripped Out of Wheelchairs

We've certainly seen our share of protests over the course of the last year, haven't we?

There was another one the other day.

It showed a bunch of people at the offices of one of the political leaders who is spearheading the healthcare bill that will, potentially, replace the Affordable Care Act.

I've kept up on it. I can't claim to understand all of it, but there certainly are reports out there that might scare folks who are suffering with debilitating illnesses.


Not funny stuff.

Some of the reports of the protest were extremely disturbing as the protest got ugly (as they often do) and many of the people were physically removed from their wheelchairs and escorted out of the protest.

I never thought I'd write a sentence like that in America.

People yanked out of their wheelchairs and removed from a protest.

Are we heading towards another Kent State?

There are reports that detail the new healthcare bill, as allowing for a tax break for the wealthiest of all Americans, and will include the gutting of Medicaid that, in a few years time, would badly damage older people, and the poorest among us. There was also a doomsday prediction that about 800 rural hospitals could be a casualty.

(One thing that is important is that poor people are STILL people...with hopes, dreams, and lives. Also, important to consider is that a lot of the people who fall into the poor category get up and go to work every day. Not everyone believes that, but it is most certainly true).

There are reports that as many as 24 million people would be without healthcare (but with access to care they can't come close to affording) within three years.

You might note that I am simply noting the perceived facts of what those people lined up, and rolled up, to protest.

Maybe all of those things aren't true?

Perhaps there will be negotiation that makes it 'less mean.'

We don't quite know because a lot of the details have been contrived behind closed doors.

The indisputable part of what we know so far is that people are scared for their lives.

The most worrisome aspect of it, for me, is that there is a left-right argument brewing.

(Of course).

If 24 million people are kicked from the healthcare rolls... won't matter if you voted left or right.

Both groups will suffer.


How does a tax cut for the wealthy fit in there anywhere?

That's where I'm absolutely lost.

I was horrified by a few of the people being removed from their chairs, screaming, crying and desperate.

Desperation will rule the day.

I've seen desperation explode into pain.

It's a tough place to be.

All of my life I've had at least a little confidence in our leaders.

But then again...

...I've never seen physically disabled people forcibly removed for voicing their fears.

It's not left-right.

It might be life-death.

That's how some people are reading it.

And they should be heard.

This is America.

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