Monday, June 19, 2017

Can I Borrow Your Charger?

My God!!!

I've heard that every day for what has to be about 200 straight days!

And it drives me absolutely crazy.

I have a charger for my car.

I also have one for around the house.

I like my phone to be close to fully charged at all time. (Spare me the 'It's bad for your battery' lecture. I have OCD),

We ran into a little danger one night when I went into Sam's room and saw the red line of my car charger.

"Why do you have my charger?" I asked.

"Lost mine. I've used it every night for a week," he said. "I've put it back in your car every day before you've needed it."

The next day, he forgot.

I let it go.

"What's your phone at?" My beautiful wife asks each night.

"Why? Where's yours?"

"Jake borrowed it."

I reluctantly hand it over if I'm at 90 or better.

"They sell chargers at every gas station from here to California," I said. "I have mine every time I need it. Get your own!"

I think part of the "I'm missing my stuff and it pisses me off" attitude comes from having lived alone for a lot of years.

"I'll give it right back to you!"

Doesn't actually work well for me.

Ah well.

My phone is currently at 88.

I can almost live with that.

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